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Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City is a jewel along the Chesapeake waterway. Enveloped by the graceful curve of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Bridge, this town has charm and beauty in spades. 


The little shops along the main streets of the town tempt visitors and shoppers with an assortment of wares including antiques, candles, artwork, and jewelry.  

Multiple lodging options and restaurants, not to mention the marina, make this historic locale a weekend destination option.  

Dug by hand, the 14-mile canal opened in 1829, and is a distance-saving route for ocean-going vessels. Named in 1839, Chesapeake City was a key commercial city along the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. 

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The Great Frederick Fair

September means cooler temperatures and the approach of autumn, but it also means time for the Great Frederick Fair. A multitude of food vendors, lots of carnival rides, and assorted livestock shows make this event one of the outstanding affairs of September.

A ride out Route 70, or around 270 will get you to the Frederick Fairgrounds. The Eventplex complex on Patrick Street provides an exceptional venue for the fair. (Think permanent restrooms!)

No matter what kind of lunch or dinner fare you’re craving, you will find it here. The sign on one food vendor’s trailer for Crabby Patties invites fair-goers to try the crab cakes. But pizza, sausage, pit beef, cinnamon rolls, and fresh-made ice cream are also on the menu, along with an almost infinite number of other options.

Ticket choices for the rides range from single tickets, sheets of tickets, and special promotions on certain days. When the sun goes down, the multi-colored lights on the wide variety of rides call to fair-goers.

ferris wheel Great Frederick Fair

A multitude of baby animals will delight fair-goers; piglets, calves, and ducklings are among recently birthed offspring at the fair. Visitors can follow new arrivals in the birthing center at the fair. Sheared sheep in colorful jackets talk as visitors walk through the barns; roosters crow, cows moo, and goats bah at guests.

The fair boasts an app, available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, to help visitors navigate the event. Users can follow the Twitter conversation by searching #2013gff or following @GrFrederickFair.

And the website url for the Great Frederick Fair website is

The fair runs through September 21, 2013.

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